Welcome to the interactive map of VaeSSA!

This map gives you a nice overview of the main results of VaeSSA. You can check the flood signature for some historical floods or zoom into the details of the Land Use / Land Cover map. Click the different ‘Point of Interests’ markers to get more contextual information.

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The VaeSSA project is carried out by nazka mapps and RSS in the frame of the eoworld2 programme, funded by the European Space Agency, in support of the World Bank's "Climate Resilience Improvement Project for Sri Lanka".

This map contains interactive datalayers, which have relative large file-sizes. Please wait a few seconds untill the map and the interactive data are fully loaded!

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  Be carefull! This is a beta demo-version.
We only guarantee smooth visualisation in Google Chrome. Other web browsers & small screen dimensions may cause difficulties.

How to use the map?

  Fold in / fold out the layer menu to explore the different layers and to put them on the map.

Several easy to use buttons at the right-hand side, allow you to: zoom, search on adress, zoom to overview and switch the background.  

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